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Default Re: Hulk Hogan Contemplates OJing A B*tch

Originally Posted by -primetime-

being a house wife is not "sitting on your ass"...

divorced women get money because they are throwing away their career chances to serve their husband...(or that is how it should be)

that being said i do find what she is doing just disgusting and I am also betting that they had plenty of maids/cooks/ect to the point where the work that she did as a wife was pretty much just a bunch of phone calls...

I hope the media rips her apart...not Hulk...

Hundreds of millions of women across the world get married and take care of their kids, many more than the two Ms. Hogan has, and none of them are entitled to 400k a month for their troubles.

Also, the bolded part is just wrong. She didnt work because she's lazy and knew she didnt have to, not because she was forced into not getting a job by an overseer husband and 24 hour children. How many women have kids and keep a job, if not multiple jobs? You act like this is the 1940's. She shouldn't be entitled to anything more than what she's earned, which is nothing. The only reason she should get any money at all is because of the kids, and even that is bs since neither of them are minors. If that woman choosing not to work and/or having children entitles her to millions of dollars, there are a few countries worth of women out there who should be rich right now.

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