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Default Re: Hulk Hogan Contemplates OJing A B*tch

Originally Posted by Hawker
I'm not trying to sympathize with the woman but if she's staying home and taking care of the kids and taking care of the house and the man is getting the money then I would say the woman is doing her part of the relationship. Now, if there is a divorce I would have no problem giving money to the woman as long as it's dedicated to the kids and the money wouldn't be close at all to 50% of my money and belongings.

She should be able to find a decent job if she was smart enough to find a decent degree.

but she didn't do anything at all. She probably hired many maids to the all of the work while she went shopping or doing some BS. She also failed at raising the kids look where they ended up..... Yet she got all of his $$ for no reason.
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