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Default VIP Tonight!

Is there anything else in the World that makes you feel like, "Yeah, I'm the King of this ***** you little peasants" than walking straight into the club and into VIP while 300 people are standing in line unpatiently waiting?

I don't think so. I really don't care about being in VIP cuz I've only been VIP one time before at some new bar/club across from PGE Park in downtown Portland called The Agency and, lets be real, nobody was there and they didn't check ID or anything.

But tonight we are going to the biggest club in Portland and VIP is really VIP. Much bigger than a velvet rope but a tinted doube door that leads to upstairs where you party for free.

I'm not really sure what to expect but I think I'm gonna have fun if there is no drama.

Anyways, who has ever been VIP at a big club and how is it? I think we will probably end up going with the paying population cuz that's how we like to dance.

It's just not the same doing this in front of your friends. Much better doing it on a dance floor filled with people.
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