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Default Re: I'm watching America's Next Top Model on DVR right now

Instead of making fun of the mod for what he decides to do in his free time and get banned, I'll share a story about one of those model shows. When I was in high school, I was a big time d-bag. So there was this girl, and it was her first day of school and at lunch she was sitting by herself, assuming because she knew no one yet. So all my buddies tell me to go up to her and get her number (they're d-bags too). So I do it, get her number whatever, go back to my buddies and just laugh it off, and pretty sure she saw us laughing at her expense. Anyways, never talk to her again in high school, but my sister calls me and tells me this girl from my high school is on some model show, the one with that old drunk chick Jannet or something like that, and it turns out to be that girl. She ends up being in Maxim and all kinds. Just kinda funny I though. Here's her pictures.

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