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Originally Posted by rezznor
btw GOBB, your wrong about soccer. there is rampant racism in soccer. they were throwing bananas onto the field over the summer during the tournament. there is a huge campaign in soccer now to clean that part of it up. its worse over there then it ever is over here.

Yeah i figured i i said my knowledge on soccer in general and racism in soccer is limited. No problem admitting that and i wont front like I have a clue.

But in America? Racism exists...but as far as racial slurs being thrown around by fans? Nah. By players? I find it hard to believe after Eli Manning gets sacked he would dare call a player a monkey. I find it hard to believe a fan calling Yao Ming a racial slur and it go unnoticed.

Athletes in America are not trained to brush off racial slurs. Not gonna touch abroad but over here it dont fly. What happened to Mutombo is NOT a common thing in todays sports. Period. And no Mutombo doesnt have the right nor should he go into the stands...not arguing what he should have done. Just arguing the the affect of racial slurs affects American athletes. There is no brushing it off, getting used to it because racial slurs are said all the time.

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