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Default Pros/Cons of the possible #1 picks

Thought I'd spend some time detailing the pros and cons of each possible #1draft pick, from a Toronto persepctive. I am only doing candidates for the first pick (i.e. you won't see Shelden Williams here, or Roy, or any other player that most likely will be on the board 5-8).


Draft Pick: Andrea Bargnani, at #1 profile, profile

- A frontcourt consisting of Bosh, Charlie, and Bargnani would be the best offensive frontcourts in the league in 2 or so years, and one of the tallest
- 3 athletic power forwards will cause matchup nightmares for nearly every team in the league
- Bargnani seemingly favours playing in Toronto over anywhere else
- Toronto's soon-to-be assistant GM was GM of Benetton Treviso, AB's euro team (I might have the positions wrong, he might have been president or something I can't recall).

- The aforementioned frountcourt would have trouble defending... everything
- One of Toronto's 3 PF's would play out of position at CT, Charlie, playing SF, would not really be out of position (don't tell me about defense, he'd get wrecked at any position).
- Toronto, perennial bottom feeders of the rebounding ranks, would become even worse at rebounding (if they go with the triple PF line-up)
__________________________________________________ _____

Draft pick: LaMarcus Aldridge, at #1
Profiles: profile, profile

- will fill, regardless of what naysayers say, a major whole at CT for the Raptors (not a great traditional center, but those are rare and the numbers of them are continuously dwindling)
- will fill the CT hole with an athletic player that fits into the system colangelo wants to implement in Toronto (any non-crap FA center will not fit into BC's system well)
- this franchise center will improve the raptors defensively and improve rebounding
- picking LaMarcus would certainly please Bosh

- he'll get banged around because he is undersized and outweighted
- the raptors need a banger to protect Bosh and make his job easier
- would rather play in the US (it would be more comfortable for him to play in his own country)
__________________________________________________ _____

Draft pick: Adam Morrison, at #1
Profiles: profile, profile

- will fill seats with his tremendous heart
- will bring the raptors the grit and determination they lost when JYD was traded
- his ability to shoot the lights out will discourage teams from doubling bosh
- a frontcourt of AM, CV, and Bosh would be once of the best offensive frontcourts in the league in 2 or so years
- Morrison becoming the main 3point shooter, mo pete can focus on one of his strengths: attaking the basket

- Morrison can only play SF, Toronto second best position. Either bosh plays CT, or villy has to be traded.
- the Raptors scored over 100 points per game last year (in 4th place), they need scoring like a bird needs a third wing
- Morrison couldn't even guard Milt Palacio in a wheelchair. The Raptors desperately need to improve their defense.
- was beaten by the ugly stick. An AM, CV, CB frontcourt would be the most visually upsetting one in the league.
- unfortunately, does not resemble a dinosaur, but shares more of a caveman look with Chris Kaman.
__________________________________________________ _____

Draft Pick: Rudy Gay, at #1
Profiles: profile, profile

- his great athleticism will fit well in BC's intended system
- a good defender; he would certainly find a niche market there in Toronto
- has more potential than anyone in the draft; the raptors need talent
- likes operating in the post. He can balance out Toronto's offensive attack
- CV and Gay are good friends (I'll be an ass and assume they are) because they both went to UConn.

- allegedly does not show passion for the game when on the floor. Passive.
(his alleged lack of heart would be unpleasantly reminiscent of Carter)
- not being homphobic, but his last name WILL have issues (constant joking by idiots, reporters having to make sure to use his name properly etc.)
- is more suited playing SF then SG. If he could play SG, it would be great, if not, charlie would have to be traded (or bosh plays center)

On a side note, ever notice how Adam Morrison is the complete foil of Rudy Gay? One can't defend at all, the other is a great defender. One can score like Wilt Chamberlain (the ball, score the ball), the other does not have an outstanding offensive game (not necessarily true, I admit this part is a stretch). One shows incredible heart every time they step on the court,the other does not.


LA is the steadiest pick for Toronto I think, taking Bargnani is the riskiest, selecting Morrison would be more of an experiment than anything else, and choosing Gay would be a mix.

Sorry if any information is wrong or missing. Do you guys have any that I have missed?

I posted this in the raptors forum too because it will stick around longer so I can keep adding pros and cons.
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