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Default End of Season Grades

Grades for the 2008-2009 New Jersey Nets

Mo Ager: N/A
not enough PT

Ryan Anderson: B-
Not a bad rookie year. He showed some signs, especially in the beginning of the season. He should be a decent role player in the future. Needs more PT.

Josh Boone: C
Nothing really to say about Josh, hes doing exactly what he did last year; rebound the misses, make your shots when you are needed, and set good picks. Lost his starting job to Brook in the beginning of the season when he went down.

Vince Carter: A-
Was a great leader, showed great leadership off and on the court. Only down side was he was way to passive this season in taking the back seat to Devin to much. Had a few slumps but still a great overall season from Vince.

Keyon Dooling: B+
GREAT off the bench. He made his shots when needed and had great looks on his passes. Most importantly though is that he filled in for Devin when he went down and played fabulously.

Chris Douglas-Roberts: C+
Overall, he had a sub-par rookie season but thats mainly because of his health. Was in the rotation the first few games but his knee gave out. Showed great signs towards the end of the season. To early to give up on him yet, let him show what he can do.

Devin Harris: B+
Slow start to the season but gradually became the force everyone was afraid of. After his breakout game vs Detriot in the beginning of the season, absolutely no one could stop him. But hes been somewhat injure prone this season. Also got to jump shot happy towards the end. Vince and Devin duo was very dangerous half way through the season but a combination of things made the duo worse as the season progressed.

Trenton Hassell: C-
Started a few games because of his defense and hustle. Worked a few games but ended up a failure. I like him coming off the bench but not starting.

Jarvis Hayes: A-
Believe it or not Hayes was one of our important guys (other than VC and DH). He was our 6th/7th man and most games he made the difference. We should resign him.

Yi Jianlian: D-
Probably the biggest disappointment. Was ok at some parts of the season, he had some good games, but definitely more bad games than good (especially towards the end). He only shot 16% his final 15 or so games!

Brook Lopez: A
Probably the biggest surprise of the season. I dont think any of us predicted that Brook would play this well this early in his career. Candidate for ROY.

Eduardo Najera: D+
We could have used his energy to decide a few games but he was injure prone the whole season.

Bobby Simmons: B
Bobby did his job. He was told to shoot 3's and play defense and thats exactly what he did. He was a decent shooter from long range this season.

Sean Williams: D
He had a lot of chances this season but didnt take advantage of it. He had a good stretch where he took Boone's spot off the bench but other then that and a few law troubles, Sean had a quiet season. I still havent given up on him yet though.

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