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Default Re: End of Season Grades

Brook Lopez- A
Rookie of the year runner up imo and the third best player on the New Jersey Nets. You can argue he is already a top ten center, and has produced a lot more than previous center the Nets have had.

Ryan Anderson-C+
This guy brings hustle and a deadly three point shot every game. he is very energetic and already a good role player...I am still clueless as to why L has him in and out of the rotation.

Trenton Hassell-C
Brought D and a pretty smooth J... thats all he really brought though, shoulda been coming off the bench

Vince Carter-A
He was such a good role model, shooter, playmaker and player for the Nets. He was worthy of being a captian doing all he was expected to do.

Devin Harris-A
This allstar PG had a career season and hopefully becomes even better
He brought an awful lot of scoring including a career high 47 pts along with 7 rebs and 8 dimes against the Suns, 41-11 against the Mavs and a half court miracle against the 76ers, and he was the reason we had W's against teams like the suns and Mavs and the Blazers.

Keyon Dooling- B+
When we got Keyon I did not know he would be our 4th best player...He did his job hitting clutch threes, putting up solid games when Devo was hurt. He was a true sixth man for the Nets.

Jarvis Hayes- B
9 pts per game off the bench is huge. His shooting and rebounding were needed....he did little things that I noticed. He is the type of player that I think would be key for a team like the Celtics or cavs...or even the lakers...

Bobby Simmons- B-
lost his role to Hassell but hey he actually got better when he was on the bench..he hit threes and will be valuable next year as a huge expirer

Chris Douglas-Roberts- D (end of the season B- )
He was a D in the beggining getting in a fight with a coach and being very passive and scared kind of....he lit it up at the end though...

Yi Jianlian- D
DISSAPOINTMENT... really inconsistent...

Josh Boone- C
solid big off the bench... has confidence issues though and sadly might be gone by the start of next season

Sean Williams-D+
Still a pretty solid shot blocker...needs to stay out of trouble though

Eduardo Najera- F
Forgot we even had him...injury prone or not he contributed nothing.
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