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Default Rebuild or Build?

The Warriors will have make a decision regarding the key players this Summer on whether to keep building on what they have or add some pieces so that they can compete next season and on. Portland was one of the worst teams in the league 2 years ago and now, they're the 3rd seed in the playoffs. They built their team through the draft and that method hasn't worked for the Warriors in 14 years, so maybe its time to go into a different direction.

My choice....BUILD...

1) Monta Ellis, after signing a huge contract, destroyed and divided this team more than he has helped it. Not a character guy with very little basketball knowledge. Relying solely on his athletic ability and may never grab a hold of the game. He maybe be talented, but I'd move him in a heartbeat if he could land a player like Josh Smith. With Bibby on his last year as well as Smith bumping heads with Coach Woodson, the Hawks may jump on this trade. Marvin Williams is also due for an extension and he virtually plays the same position as Smith. Both signed new deals with Ellis at $11M a year and Smith at $10.8 so financially, it works out perfectly.

2) Derrick Rose has taken the throne in Chicago and Hinrich is left on the side. Hinrich is still only 28 years old and entering the prime of his career. He's a solid defender, passer and scorer. He can also knock down the 3 at a good percentage. Hinrich is better than any other point guard option in the draft and would be ready to contribute right off the bat. He'd be a 17 points, 8 assist, 4 rebound guy with Nellie's offense. I'd trade the 7th pick along with Crawford (if he doesn't opt out) to the Bulls for Hinrich along with the 16th and 26th picks.

16th: Eric Maynor
26th: Gani Lawal

3) Line Up:

PG Hinrich - Maynor
SG Jackson - Belinelli - Morrow
SF Smith - Maggette - Azubuike
PF Randolph - Wright - Lawal
C Biedrins - Turiaf

Now you have defense and rebounding with the ability to still put up 105 ppg.
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