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Default I played as the New York Knicks today in NBA 2k7

I have to admit, this team is really a good offensive team and very talented. the defensive end is not too shabby either when they try.

however there seems to lack a clutch factor. i led Miami on Hall of Fame mode with 5 minutes left by 12 points, on the strength of 12 Marbury assists, 35 Curry points (vs SHAQ) and even scoring from others (3-4 for 3 from Francis) but then everyone started missing shots....

yes it's a video game but it is unfortunately, a gloomy reminder of the fact that the reason why the Knicks lost games last year was not because they suck or were worthless, but because they did not know how to close out games.

i mean they did have a 6 game winning streak, but you would agree they need a good experienced winning veteran to help them win right?
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