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Default Re: The Definative 2009 NFL Draft Thread

Originally Posted by GOBB
Maybin a raw, undersized DE and he is from Penn State. Last time they pumped out a productive DE? Yeah he has alot of bust going for him. Ouch.

I can see that Clat Matthews character going higher than he should.

Where o where wil Beanie Wells go? O where o where will he be? I can see Michael Jenkins dropping in the draft. Kinda like P.Buchanon did going from top 10 to drafted at 20 i believe.
PSU NFL players are trash. Honestly they have a higher bust ratio than any other school.

Did you hear that Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing formed some racist hate group on facebook called "White Warriors" or some sh*t. What a bunch of f*cking meatheads.

I think Beanie has a good chance to land in Denver or Arizona. He reminds me Lenwhale White a lot. I think he might slip into the early second round and he'd have high value there.
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