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Default Re: The Definative 2009 NFL Draft Thread

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
The Browns have two picks in the second round before Dallas will have the chance. If we don't take Crabtree with the No. 5 pick OR if we don't trade our 5th pick for a later first rounder and grab someone like Nicks, I don't see Robiskie making it past Cleveland if he is still on the board in the second round. I know that the team has shown a lot of interest.

He is a deep threat in the same way that Fitz is a deep threat. He runs great routes and can go up and get the ball in traffic. But, he isn't a 'speed' receiver.
well I don't consider Fitz anything close to a "speed receiver" fact he is the complete polar opposite IMO...

he is a big overpowering slow possesion WR...

I can see that he isn't listed as a real speedy guy...but Dallas is viewing him as another deep threat that we need to replace with the loss of Owens...

along with prairs of Miles Austin showing up...
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