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Default Re: The Definative 2009 NFL Draft Thread

Originally Posted by MarloStanfield
Fitz is not slow by any means. He's not a burner but he ran a 4.5. That's pretty f*cking fast. The 40 is so overrated. Fitzgerald has game speed. He's much faster than this 40 time indicates. Same goes for a player like Brian Westbrook.

@ Fitzgerald being a "slow possession WR"
@ Fitzgerald being a "fast speed WR"

he is a possession WR...PERIOD

and his speed is very below average for an NFL WR...

in fact (just a guess) he might be the SLOWEST #1 WR in the entire NFL...I can't think of any that are slower...

the 40 is overrated in determining "TALENT"....not "SPEED"

if you run a 4.2 then YOU ARE F*CKIN FAST...
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