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"You're a damn bum! You suck! Overpaid bum!"
"My grandmom can shoot better than you and she is bed ridden!"
"The franchise should be embarrassed to sign a crap player like you!"
"You're a phucking bum!"

Things athletes can tend to hear and the "you get used to it" enters into play.

"You're a monkey!! *makes sound*"
"Stupid ape, look at you! Go back to Africa!"
"Hey ching chong man where my rice? You suck!"
"Stupid ch!nk!"
"Wow we got a wetback in the league, quick build a fence. No more no more!"

Things athletes dont hear and if they do the whole "you get used to it/you're trained" doesnt enter into play. Think lin between heckling and ignorace. Mutombo hearing he has hands of stone, he's old, he sucks is one thing, being called a monkey is another.

The End.
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