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Originally Posted by IBLEEDGREEN43
a few gory spots....

the scene where the dood is strapped down on the crucifix.... and it twists all his parts around.. his head.. his hands.. feet... arms..

the scene.... where the officer from saw 2.. we find out what he does after saw 2 ends.. he ends up hitting his foot with bricks or something, then breaks it off...

the scene where the guy is hooked all over his body.. and rips all the hooks off...

the rib scene.. where the girl has knifes and crap jabbed into her body.. and the key is in Acid.. and she reaches in to get it.. and her hand burns like 500 times..

the frozen scene.. haunting.. a girls naked freezing in a freezer... and water from 2 jet streams every minute shoots at her.. and she freezes to death.. within prolly 10 minutes of u seeing her scream and cry..

theres so much more..

Streching machine?

It has an ending which leaves you thinking what will happen next. What will happen to the daughter?
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