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bargnani was not this heavy last year... his coach said he spent a lot of time in the weight room working on his lower body...

interesting how gay and aldridge have fallen out of the #1 consideration, while morrison and bargnani have risen to the top.

bottom line: their skills send chills.

im hoping bargnani can ATLEAST play a bit of D at the center position. he just has to do like dampier and diop in the playoffs... put your hands up, stay in front of your man and don't foul. 9'2 standing reach is rediculous. should be interesting watching other centers around the league trying to keep up with andrea on the perimeter. with bargnani, toronto will become a matchup nightmare for other teams... we just need a couple of good defensive players on the wings and more emphasis on teaching team D from our coaches.

soon my raptor brothers... soon. *evil laugh*
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