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Originally Posted by GOBB
Words are not just words. If you let them get under your skin you prove you're human. And the choice of words said can matter given the situation and how much self respect, pride and dignity you have. Maybe that racial slur doesnt affect you but there are things that can be said to get under your skin. Fact.

Wow. No disrespect, but I distinctly remember your words during the World Cup Final. When there were rumors that Zinadine Zidane was being called a racial slur by Marco Materazzi, you said that no matter what Marco Materazzi said, Zinadine Zidane should've kept his cool.

You never ever said things you said on your comments.

Now it happens to a basketball player, you suddenly become an ambassador of Peace or something on the whole issue.

I think you even said that if a racial slur was used against you, you wouldn't do anything.

You were playing the whole thing off like it was nothing.

Hypocrisy at its finest.

Again, no disrespect.
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