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Originally Posted by bringthetruth
Trade 1 - NY sends Jalen Rose and Jerome James to Portland for Darius Miles, Theo Ratliff and Steve Blake. Portland gets a TON of cap room next season AND they use James as insurance in case Przbilla jets. NY uses Miles as the starting SF and Ratliff to back up the PF and Center spots. Blake is also a great backup PG to Marbury, letting Crawford play just the 2 guard.

Trade 2 - Kenyon Martin to NY for Maurice Taylor and the #29 pick. Denver can draft a PF and Mo Tay will fit well in their system for this year. Next year, they have cap room for a free agent and Denver is OUT from under KMarts contract. NY gets a very emotional power forward who can play both ends of the floor to play along side a passive eddy curry. He will also be more recovered from his surgery which is being reported as doing much better.
With these two deals, NY keeps Francis, Marbury and Crawford for the three headed monster Isiah has dreamed of, while adding a long and athletic SF and a rugged PF to man the paint. If Martin doesn't recover quickly, then Frye starts at PF. They also have Curry and Ratliff at the Center spot, giving NY depth and toughness at that spot.
These two deals give NY the chance to tell each player to produce or sit. NY could then draft Shawne Williams, Mardy Collins or Rudy Fernandez for backcourt depth. These two trades would also add much needed defense and rid ourselves of some headcases. I think Isaiah will make Francis/Marbury/Crawford work. It may leave Robinson out in the cold, but N8 could see time off the bench. N8 could also be used as trade bait with Atlanta for Harrington along with Lee.

NO,NO,NO This will never work. If NY decides to keep larry around, and then bring in Miles, Kmart without getting rid of Steph and Francis is a recipe for DISASTER!! Too many bad attitudes, that team will literally implode. Terrible trades
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