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Originally Posted by HALLandOATES
Anyone like Lil Wayne and Birdmans "Stunting like my daddy". Not really childish but I think it plain sucks and is a rather weird name for a song.

Edit-Chain gang low and Laffy taffy were on all the white kids myspaces from march-july of this year which was really annoying. Also who the h3ll likes the feature where we have to listen to that person choice of music on there page? Damn the ones that really suck are the people who load it up with 2 videos , 3 youtubes and music .....There pages go so slow ....Thats partly why i dont use myspace anymore.

Yeah it really sucks. Then you go to stop one video and another video starts while their song is playing...those are the people i just dont go to their pages. I just put one song up on mine usually
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