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Originally Posted by IBLEEDGREEN43
brwnman.. i think they are playing it out...

the guy who was put to all the tests.. was playing a big game.... and he lost.. because he didnt play by the rules and killed jigsaw... and he played the tape.. and jigsaw talks on the tape about how he lost the game.. and realizes that the cost of losing the game.. was never finding out where his daughter is...

I know what happened in the movie, but I don't get the reason why... all the tests were designed for Amanda to see if she can be the next jigsaw... every other test was just a mini test for that indivisual... the problem with Amanda was that she didn't follow the rules like the way she killed pretty much everybody that was there and that jealousy played a part in killing the doctor... I still say she comes back in Saw 4 with the bullet missing her and the blood being a hoax... but thats a good analysis of dr. gordon...
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