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Default Re: The Definative 2009 NFL Draft Thread

TO and Tank Johnson were good moves. Even in an off year TO still scored 10 touchdowns. The team distraction nonsense was also overdone to the point of absurdity. Tank did a decent job playing rotating as the nose on that defense. He did not make too many waves, and he rehabilitated his career with The Cowboys and was able to get another contract with The Bengals. Pacman was a failure, but it was a low risk high reward move that did not pan out. You are acting like Jerry destroyed the cap by bringing in Tank and Pacman.

TO was suppose to single-handedly win you guys the SB and yet they couldn't even win a single playoff game. I've heard plenty of people complain about TO's drops, but you're going to act like he was just fine since he had 10 TDs? Tank was a good move? 13 tackles and 1 sack is considered a good move? Pacman was another failure. TO declined quite a bit and you guys failed to make the playoffs yet you still think last season was fine? I'm not saying Jones destroyed the cap, I just think it's odd how some will defend all of his blunders like he can do no wrong.
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