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I would be disapointed if they don't compete for the playoffs but I don't think they will make them.

Look at the East still
Detriot - Still goin to win 50 games
Miami - Defending east Champs - 50 - 55 wins
NJ - Still a top tier East team
Cleveland - My team so i won't say anything
Washington - Very solid playoff team
Chicago - I think they could win the East.
Orlando - I think they are a 5 - 7 seed team
Milwakee - Trying to trade to ger better
Philly - Never count out a AI team
Pacers - If they keep ONeal and they are a great Defencive team
Charlotte - Young and with a Roy or Morrison just as good as T.O.
Boston - Paul Pierce will keep them competitive
Knicks - (Insert Joke here)
Atlanta - Should be intresting to see if they can get better

If the Raptors do make the playoffs it is only because of there weak weak division.
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