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Default Re: Guys who did not enter...should they have?

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Jerome Jordan (C)- Tulsa

Cole Aldrich (F-C)- Kansas

Sherron Collins (G)- Kansas

Greg Monroe (F-C)- Georgetown

Willie Warren (G)- Oklahoma

Kyle Singler (F)- Duke

Jeremy Hazell (G)- Seton Hall

De'Sean Butler (G-F)- West Virginia

Evan Turner (F)- Ohio State

Craig Brackins (F)- Iowa State

Devin Ebanks (F)- West Virginia

Manny Harris (G)- Michigan

If we simply consider the draft value (i.e. would they have been picked high and get nice contracts) I think Brackins, Monroe and Aldrich should have left.

It's not very likely that Collins or Turner can do much more either to lift their stock, but since this is a deep PG draft, I think Collins was smart to stay. Not sure about Turner. Warren is someone who can still improve in college and I think he was smart to stay.
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