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Default Re: Guys who did not enter...should they have?

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Jerome Jordan (C)- Tulsa Bad decision, was a late first round pick this year, won't get any higher.

Cole Aldrich (F-C)- Kansas Good decision, will be a top 5 pick next year, great chance to win a national championship.

Sherron Collins (G)- Kansas Good decision, not a major NBA prospect and this is a good PG draft, he gets a degree and if he plays a vital role in Kansas winning the chip, he could become a first rounder.

Greg Monroe (F-C)- Georgetown Good decision, could be a top 3 pick if he improves his athleticism and offense in the off-season, whereas he would have been only top 10 or so after a disappointing seasonfor G-Town.

Willie Warren (G)- Oklahoma Bad decision, had a lot of hype, would have been top 10, won't improve on that due to size.

Kyle Singler (F)- Duke Good decision, dude is never going to be significant in the NBA, poor man's Dunleavy Jr., he may as well carve out a college legacy.

Jeremy Hazell (G)- Seton Hall Who?

Al Farouq-Aminu (F)- Wake Forest Good decision, assuming he improves his overall game next year, could be higher pick than he would have been.

De'Sean Butler (G-F)- West Virginia Good college player, not a significant NBA prospect.

Evan Turner (F)- Ohio State Hard to say, could very well improve his draft stock. Didn't have whole lot of hype. Lets say good decision so long as he improves next season.

Craig Brackins (F)- Iowa State Very bad decision, there is no way this guy improves his draft stock, he would have been a mid-late lottery pick this year, probably falls out of the lottery next year.

Devin Ebanks (F)- West Virginia Good decision, dude is not ready for the NBA, but has great potential as a tall SF.

Manny Harris (G)- Michigan This guy was a second rounder, and will be a second rounder next year. May as well get a degree.

Ed Davis made a good decision, he will be the star on UNC next year, will solidify himself as a lottery pick.
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