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Default Re: Guys who did not enter...should they have?

Moteinjunas is the best prospect who is choosing not to enter this draft- he would have been a top 3 pick this year or will be a top 3 pick next year

Why is he not in this draft? Buyout? Wants to wait? To me it would be smarter to enter and tell teams he may not come to nba for a while, that way he could either go top 3 or almost choose the team he goes to

I think aminu would have been a high pick but think he wouldn't be ready to produce so smart decision

Manny harris imo also smart as this is a deep gaurd draft and harris could breakout next year and raise his stock

I agree w the statement about willie warren- he will have to have a great year to move up from the hype of his potential now- I think he's lottery this year and could potentialy fall off the radar unless he is a bigtime star next season
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