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Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
ESPN ran a segment where Red Auerbach says that the modern coach unnecessarily complicates what should be a simple game by hiring tons of coaches and giving the players too many plays to deal with (his Celtic teams only ran six plays, which everyone knew and noone could stop). Any thoughts on that? The higher level of individual attention players can get from assistant coaches is more likely a good thing IMO (especially with so many guys leaving school early that need the fundamentals that colleges used to provide) but there do seem to be a lot of players that struggle when handed too many plays. Especially when dealing with young players that could contribute if the game wasn't so complex. The best offensive team in the league, Phoenix, oftentimes calls no play and just lets Nash speed it up the floor and find somebody. And I'm sure everyone knew what Stockton and Malone were up to when Utah came to town.


First off, rest in peace to Mr. Auerbach...truly one of the greatest basketball minds in history of the sports. I saw those comments on an interview show that aired on NBA TV over the weekend...I agree with him about coaches making things more complicated than they should be. You seen all the Celtics championship teams, the Showtime Lakers, and the 1970s Knicks, for example turning a simple defensive approach into fast break offense. Except for maybe the Mavs and Suns, to a lesser extent, you don't see in the NBA anymore.

Great tribute by both NBA TV and ESPN Classic over the weekend honoring his memory, and even NBA TV showed some of his "Red on Roundball" segments that used to air during halftime of CBS' NBA could learn a lot from those few minutes of watching those legends execute simple plays, like the pick and roll, boxing out for a rebound, setting screens, etc.
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