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Default Re: Dwight Howard suspended, can't play in Magic-76ers Game 6

Originally Posted by fiad06
If the refs called a foul on Dalembert for pushing Dwight in the back, the elbow would of never happened.

Shoving someone in their back is not even allowed in the NFL.
Yeah I see that point as well. But as the poster below you stated, it's no excuse. The correct call would have been for the ref to call the foul on Delembert and eject howard for the elbow.

The refs also need to be more dilligent about calling those types of fouls too. Delembert was not boxing out or using any technique that is in the game of basketball. He was straight up pushing him with two hands. Had that happened on the playground (where hard play is the norm), he would've been punched. Too many players result to MMA when it comes to stopping Dwight Howard from getting a rebound.
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