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Originally Posted by oldknickfan
Winning is a habit that needs to be learned and reinforced. After a while good teams expect to win and usually do. Bad teams try not to lose and usually do.

The Knicks are better than a 23 win team. But until they learn how to win and do so on a consistent basis -- they will not be a contender.

Your game is wacky! Curry could not score 35 on Shack unless Shack's arms were tied and his sneakers were nailed to the court.

not too hard. Curry is much better in the game than in real life (dunked on Shaq af ew times)

basically had to run one of the plays called 1-5 Low, then use the individual point guard command features to have Frye set a pick for Curry in the low block, then command Curry to run for an alleyoop. toss it, done deal. the game was not smart enough to adjust. i did that all game long.
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