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Originally Posted by TEXAS BATMAN
You cats are such douches. Will Smith kissed Kevin from King of Queens on the lips, is he gay? I remember Mike kissed his dad after winning one of his championships. The first or the second one. This ain't Fifty and Banks touchin smackers. Baby and Wayne? Two men with a father son relationship? Gay? You talkin about two guys left for broke by basically everyone around them, dudes they got money with, got rich with, only to be stabbed in the back for the almighty dollar, with only one's faith in each other that weathered the storm and made it. No one thought Wayne could make it as a solo artist, let alone the flag carrier of an entire label. Baby staked all he had on him.All Baby's acts deserted him. Wayne stuck by his side. Course you'll develop a bond you go through some stuff like that.

And for the record, I hug my pops. And I've even planted a big wet one on him. And ain't s#!t funny bout me cept for my punchlines. If I cleared a million dollars off the strength of me hell I'd kiss my accountant. No homo

Birdman is NOT HIS FATHER. And say what you want with the downlow explosion that's going on any man kissing another man is suspect. And as for Will Smith, he was making a movie, not kissing the guy goodbye/hello or whatever.
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