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Default pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

weekly brag #1:

So after the mens team @ drexel finished practice we played on center court with some of the better ballers in our gym. Of course I get the pleasure of checking and getting checked by this cocky/good dude on the freshman squad (I believe he's a guard because he's about my height sleightly taller with good court vision and IQ). So pretty much all game I'm scoring off the ball and crashing boards cuz I was 75% I wasn't beating my guy off the dribble (quicker hands, his D footwork > my O footwork).
Games to 12 all 1s win by 2. We're up 11-7 they start playing hard D and we're up 11-10 with ball. Masterful play I call get the best mismatch on my team to penetrate, my man helps weakside and I sink gamewinner from right inside the 3 on the angle.

Just thought this was sweet cuz the asian people @ drexel get no love from the black/white ballers till we start dumping all over them, given our height disadv, then we get picked up all day. plus the guy checking me was on the freshman squad

BTW have my allstar game MAY2 for this north philly filipino league, hope the jerseys are dope! I'll post pix if the are/arent
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