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Default Re: Your 80 year old life or a famous 40 year old life

Originally Posted by Doctor K
For example, would you choose to live Pete Maravich's life if you could change?

You become a basketball legend, but die at age 41. Would you take that?

And this is just an example. This could apply to many other occasions, where someone becomes famous at a young age and dies at a young age (40s at most).

So do you choose to live the long 80 year life of yours, or the famous 40 year life?

At this day and age I'd take Pete's in a heartbeat, but that's because I'm not a well-renowned fellow and it feels like each day is dragging by. Plus I'm still open to the notion of one's soul being liberated, and the fear of Death slowly, but surely is evading from my heart. But the second I hit 35, I'm going to change my decision lol.

But fame isn't my primary concern. Still it is better to live intensely shorter, than it is to passively go longer. Just like running on a treadmill, just like a rollercoaster vs. a ferris wheel, and just how sprinting is > crosscountry.
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