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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

Originally Posted by Steezygotups
haha i like this thread. i have a lot of moments i could share but a more recent one was a defensive play i made. im 5'10 and i was guarding a guy a little taller than me, he beat me off the dribble but i stuck with it and followed in behind him and stuffed him from behind, a knocked the ball back a little bit and he recovered tried to put up another lay up and i blocked him again from the front deflected the ball off him out of bounds, our ball goin the other way!

i had 4 sick assists in that game too. ha

haha you know you're going to want to post highlights after every pickup game now. I think everyone should. Nice to hear about what the other playground ballers are doing instead of elite nba/college players for once. If you really think about it, playground ballers have the same skills on a smaller scale in terms of height/weight/athletic ability. Our sh!t can be just as exciting
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