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Default Re: Chick makes the same face in every picture... Dumb b*tch

Originally Posted by Lamar Doom
man, first of all, those of you on the first page who'd "hit it" have all taken a step down in my book. this isn't some "i'm a man and i'm not picky about sex" (if you're lonely and horny i'm sorry, you're excused) thing, that b*tch is f*cking disgusting, PSYCHO, trash. hahaha... hilarious stuff though, the people she's with were almost as entertaining as her thinking her suck-face model pursed lip look is attractive. please get hit by a train you robot c*nt.

I don't understand people who take tons of photos when they go out. I have a few, don't get me wrong, but people like this with a legion of bar/party pics are weird to me. it's like they party so they can show they did on myspace.

I admire your seriousness on this topic...
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