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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

The recent one I can think of is at a pickup game, full-court 5-on-5, I went on a massive scoring spree. In one stretch I went 5-for-6 (and then I cooled off, sorry to disappoint, and yes going 5-for-6 is a big deal for me). Out of those five shots there are 2 worth mentioning.

One was a drive along the baseline, got double-teamed, then dropped in a reverse high-floating layup (almost like a finger-roll except it was pretty high-floating, doesn't qualify as a teardrop though). In retrospect I think it was actually a very bad shot selection.

The other one was where I drove from about a 45 degree angle to the right from the 3-point line. Drove right in-between two defenders, then jumped and "glided" in-between another two for a right-handed layup.

By the way, I've added some dramatization to my telling of this story. In reality I'm guessing the moves probably didn't look as good or as spectacular as I've described them.

Also, great idea for a thread, well done.

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