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Default Re: May 3: Mavericks at Nuggets, Game 1

The first key will be K Mart being physical on Dirk. But not physical in a dumb way to get him in foul trouble. I have full confidence that we can limit Dirk as a team, and that all starts with K Mart.

But I think the biggest key is how the benches perform. By benches I mean JR vs Jet. Both can go off and put up points, but who will do it more consistantly? Jet is a vet (no rhyme intended) and JR has stepped it up this year...hopefully JR can match Jet's production and cancel him out.

Obviously Kidd vs Billups and Melo vs Howard will be fun to watch...and I think Denver has the advantage in both of those matchups. Both are capable of having their off games too though.

I expect Dirk to have one or two huge games in the series, but I expect Denver to beat Dallas as a team. I got Denver in 7.
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