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Originally Posted by traditionone
Cook needs to work on his defense and rebounding. He's also very inconsistent, but he was a productive college player. Personally, I don't think Bynum is going anywhere, so that leaves us with Brown and Bynum in the center spot. The Lakers are going to get another power forward. If he's good enough, he could take the starting role if Lamar is gone.

Brown will remain the center for the Lakers. He could develop into a really good NBA center. In Washington, he played a lot of power forward and I don't think that is the ideal position for him. Turiaf intrigues me. I think he can develop into a really good power forward. He hustles, blocks shots, rebounds, and brings energy. Every team needs a player like him.

I don't think the Lakers supporting cast are as bad as some people say. We have young players with holes in their game, but they're learning and getting better. Walton has been inconsistent, but he's a good ballhandler and a great passer. Against the Suns, I think he played too much in the post. That's not really his game. If he improves his midrange and three point shot, he can be a valuable contributor. We need to sign a guy like Kareem Rush would can come off the bench to backup the 2 and 3 position.

I'm excited to see what Cupcake and Buss do this summer.

LOL cupcake??? where did that come from? i like that one.

but anyways. Luke Walton has proven he can be good.if he's a starter that can average 30 mins then i would expect him to average 12 points and 4 assists as well as 8 rebounds.

I see him as a better facilitator than lamar. he gets guys easier dunks and shots. who know's. if lamar is traded maybe Luke can take that spot
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