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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

Originally Posted by Steezygotups
they are hard...i practice them everyday by myself and when i make them in games everyone calls it a "luck shot" haha. especially playin 21 i always try at least once to float one from behind the backboard, make them a lot surprisingly. ha

but yeah i've floated a bunch over some 6'5-6'9 guys. i always ask someone how tall they are after the game when i hit floaters over people. not someone 6'11 tho, dont know if i've even played with someone 6'11 before...

my junior year of high school there was a kid on my team that didn't have a mid-range, only a floater. it was wierd, if he was in the 3 point arc he would just trow up this wierd 1 handed push shot/floater, and he was a pretty good shooter. he would just bang 3's and floaters all day.
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