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Default Re: OT: The Wire Season 4

Originally Posted by MarloStanfield
LOL. Because you say it is? Sorry that doesn't cut it.

Ok, how about this---> James Gandolfini and Edie Falco outclass each and every actor on the Wire by a mile, the only one who even came close was Andre Royo and many times his performance came off as contrived and phony. The Wire never left the level of a documentary (until season 4), whereas the Sopranos was more like an arthouse piece the Wire was more like a history book, which isn't a bad thing mind you but it never got as deep as the Sopranos. Whereas the Sopranos had episodes that were weaker than the rest of the series, the Wire had entire seasons (2, 5, parts of 3). The Wire was more detailed in it's writing but not necesarily better in terms of dialogue and creativity. There were a million characters in the Wire and I'd say 70% of them got too much camera/story time and their arcs amounted to **** and no one really cared about them.

That's just off of the top of my head, I can get deeper if I take the time, but I really don't feel like it right now. Hopefully that cuts it for you.
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