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Default Re: OT: The Wire Season 4

Originally Posted by MarloStanfield
LOL it's comical listening to you play your opinions off as fact. Especially when you're discussing the amount of 'creativity' involved in a show that catered to old women. The Sopranos an art house piece? GTFO. The Wire is visionary literature. There has never been anything on TV quite like it hence why it's in a class of it's own. The Sopranos is a glorified soap opera. Each season of the Wire was like a prolonged chapter it was like reading Proust or Mark Twain or some sh*t.

Those were some hardcore old women they were catering to. There was nothing visionary about the Wire, and I'm saying this as a big fan of the show. There was so much unnecesary filler on the Wire, the show could've been shaved in half and nothing would be changed or missed. The final season was about as big of a let down as there's ever been, what a collosal waste of everyone's time. And I don't see the connection between The Wire and Mark Twain or 'some sh*t', care to explain?
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