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Default Re: OT: The Wire Season 4

Originally Posted by DonDadda59

Those were some hardcore old women they were catering to. There was nothing visionary about the Wire, and I'm saying this as a big fan of the show. There was so much unnecesary filler on the Wire, the show could've been shaved in half and nothing would be changed or missed. The final season was about as big of a let down as there's ever been, what a collosal waste of everyone's time. And I don't see the connection between The Wire and Mark Twain or 'some sh*t', care to explain?
Sounds like a lot of the themes flew over your head if you don't think there was any visionary about the Wire. Almost every single episodic drama on television to date prior to the Wire followed a generic formula. The viewer would be able to The Wire threw that formula out the window and modeled it after a novel. The Wire was never gave the viewer a climax and a resolution by the end of each episode. It demanded the viewer's concentration and in order to fully understand the story you'd have to watch an entire season. It was revolutionary in that sense.

While I agree the 5th season was a slight let down the Sopranos fell off way before it's final season and lost a lot of it's edginess.

I'll touch on the parallels between Twain and The Wire at a later date, occupied atm.
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