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Thumbs down CED's not another 1,000 post celebration.....

I should probably be the league leader in posts I guess, I am on here a lot at the moment, it'll all change soon, once I start up work again, and once I start my 2 hour morning training sessions.

I made a poem inspired by XXXSuperstar in the other thread, but felt like it was taking away from his thread, so I deleted it, and put it in here.

This is for all of ISH to enjoy, if you haven't read it, then yeah enjoy.
Or you can hate it, don't let me boss you around, I'm just the office slut.

The Night Before the Season
by Ced

'Twas the night before the season, when all throughout ISH
The ISHiots were posting their season wishlist

The Knicks were overrated by some idiot, sydneyking,
In hopes that Mr. Starbury soon would bring that ring;

The teen posters like geeWiz were nestled in their beds,
Typing on their laptops, "Arenas gives good head";

Adri41 in her Mavs knickers, and Miles Berg in Mavs cap,
Had just come back from a long winter's nap,

When over in Off Topic there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the forum to see what was the matter.

I opened up a new window, I swore I had flash,
The window half-opened, GOBB wanted cash.

Get Buckets had said, "Please don't post that crap",
Shogun replied, "Roffle roffle" and then he snapped.,

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a whole thread dedicated to Dwayne Wade's underwear,

With a drag of the mouse and a flick of the wrist,
Jeff banned HALLandOATES with the mightiest of clicks.

More rapid than eagles, more stupid posters came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

"Now, Tips4! now, Jerm! now, GOBB and Second Fiddle!
On, Hawker! on hawkfan! on, Kobe24 and JtotheIzzo!

To the top of the thread! Delete the whole thing!
Kwajo speaks up and says with a grin,

"Do not be premature, at deleting this thread,
Half these characters are me, and the other half Ced.",

So off to, Mr. Lenchiner flew,
He knew he could get there if the Bobcats could too.

And then, in a flash, James_Jones appeared at ISH,
Jeff pressed the "x" and returned to deal with other sh*t.

Now, at the same time, adamcz was complaining,
While some dumbsh*t was typing, "Why ain't Kemp reigning".

Then Shogun appeared from out of sight,
to suggest to the poor fool, 'Virgins remain light";

The young poster didn't understand and asked someone else,
They Pm'ed and Pm'ed until Shogun roffl-ed.

Hotsizzle logged on, to find 1 million pms,
Heilige was at it again, "Kobe or Jordan?"

The season hasn't started, yet ISH was backed up,
TMOGE talked so much crap, the bandwidth had snapped

Old school solved the problem, with cellotape and pliars,
ISHiots petitioned for Jeff to say, "F*ck you Steve you're fired."

Laker Raider said, "Hey let's get back on track",
Everyone laughed at KobeLamar's predictions that were whack.

sakf was threatening McHale and his wife,
He then took Blount hostage with a f*ckin' big knife

"If you box out we win", He said with a snarl,
Griffin butted in, "I have no pants on, meow!"

sakf spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And sliced up Mark Blount; with a knife as big as a sword,

The situation was tense, the season all but forgotten,
Lucky for Cool, reminding us of Hot Pockets

He sprang from Off Topic to tell us a joke,
Timmeh wouldn't laugh because he's a Goth.

But out of the blue Ced got back on topic,
He said, "Happy New Season, and f*ck you Get Buckets."

Much love to everyone, and good luck with your respective teams for the upcoming season. Go PP, go Rondo. Al Jefferson put that donut down fatty!
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