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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

Just finished a church league and will share my bragging moment.

We were a fav to win the league but quickly in the season lost four games, twice each to two different teams. after that we started playing really well and finished the season @ 6-4. Being that there was only 6 teams in the league we got the three seed and played the six seed. (1 and 2 both had bys) The tourney was scheduled this past thursday night with all games being played in one night. We played the first game @ 15 minute halves and my team won 39 - 18, with me dropping 20.(not too much to brag about they were the 6 seed in a weak league.) Next game was the mouthy team who gave us two of our losses and with 10 seconds left I stole the ball and called time out. We were tied up and the inbound pass came to me at half court, i drove towards the bucket and was cut off but I happened to find my buddy wide open under the hoop for an easy layup. It was perfect, the other team was so mad that after the game they ended up getting kicked out of the gym because they were cussing and throwing stuff and talking to the officials. The last game was against the 1 seed and to make a long story short we shut them down and won by 21 points.

For winning we get treated to free chipotle and bw3s so it was worth it especially since we were sponsored and didnt have to pay a thing.
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