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Default Chuck's 2009 Mock Draft

1. LAC – Griffin

2. MEM – Rubio
Keep him or trade him he’s still the pick

3. OKC – Thabeet
OKC seems set on Thabeet and he could fit nicely if not too much is expected right away

4. SAC – J. Hill
Arguably the BPA, the other BPA Harden doesn’t fit with Martin. Trade bait for Rubio? Memphis needs a PF.

5. WAS – Harden
Fills a big need at the 2

6. MIN – Evans
A combo guard with more athleticism and skill than the FA-to-be Foye

7. GSW – Holiday
High riser of the draft?

8. NYK – Curry
NY will do anything to land LBJ including drafting his friends

9. TOR – DeRozen
Fills a big need on the wings

10. MIL – Jennings
They like Flynn as well but Jennings is too talented not to take at 10

11. NJN – Clark
Their fans have been clamoring for this guy. Riots (of 10 fans) would erupt if they passed

12. CHA – Henderson
Charlotte likes local guys and they need a SG

13. IND – Blair
Indy could use a PF to pair with Granger

14. PHO – Flynn
Nash’s replacement?

15. DET – Mullins
Detroit needs some bigs and could wait on Mullins

16. PHI – Teague
Philly needs a PG, esp. one that can shoot

17. CHI – J. Johnson
Adds some depth at both forward spots

18. MIN – T. Williams
A very versatile player that Minny could use on the wings

19. ATL – Lawson
First Law, now Lawson but Atlanta needs PG insurance

20. UTA – Hansborough
Another white guy in Utah, but with Boozer and Milsap in limbo why not?

21. NOH – Maynor
Probably going to be sold, so the BPA is drafted here

22. DAL – Lawal
With both Bass and Hollins Free agents and their only back-up bigs, it’s a logical choice

23. SAC – Budinger
Could be a steal this late, but not sure who else takes him.

24. POR – Daye
They could use some forward depth, and with no “bangers” why not a pacific NW guy?

25. OKC – Ellington
Ellington’s shooting would be a nice compliment to Westrbook’s size and D

26. CHI – M. Thorton
With Gordon a FA, Hinrich more the back-up PG, they could use a SG.

27. MEM – S. Young
Memphis could use an experienced winner on the wing like Young

28. MIN – D. Summers
Minny completes retooling their perimeter rotation.

29. LAL – Casspi
With Odom and Ariza’s status with the team in doubt a SF makes sense.

30. CLE – Collison
Cleveland needs a PG, and a seasoned player to help now, as opposed to Mills.

Done under the assumption Calethesis goes Greek.

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