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Originally Posted by joewait
You really don't follow. Ok, well we know back then there were fewer teams and no free agency and physical play was allowed. Are you somehow trying to tell me the Pistons of 03-04, if allowed to play with the brute physicality of the 80s teams could, wouldn't be able to do what the bad boys did to jordan? just look at the guys size, height, athletcism. I guarantee you they could have done that. Do you think Kevin garnett or any of the other big guys now with absurdly long reaches couldn't have done what they did in the 80s? Power forwards back then were like 6'8''. Jesus Christ. I don't see how Ewing would guard any power forward now, they'd all run circles around him. All the guys now have the skill set to succeed in the 80s if the rules changed. Difference is you cannot say that about the guys then, if they were to play now. And thats a fact

Sorry but Ewing would be the best big in the game right now sans Duncan if he was in the League. He wouldnt be guarding pf because he is a center. And there is not one center in the league that can guard EWing,

Even your hero Dirk wouldnt be anything special in the learly 90's. He wouldnt even be a top 10 player.
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