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Originally Posted by joewait
and you're conveninetly ignoring the fact the guys guarding him on the pistons then were considerably shorter and less athletic than the ones now. Dumars was 6'3'. thats the same height as Billups. Good job

look fool, if you are implying just because Dumars was shorter, that meant his D aren't on par with today's, you're a fool. Stop being ignorant. Anyone with eyes saw the clips of the 80s Pistons on Jordan, they fouled him, hard everytime he jumped, there were actually video evidence of Laimbeer putting Jordan in a headlock, slapping him in the head, etc as Jordan is going up. People wrap Jordan up the minute he leaves the ground, shoves, pushes, etc. There is no way any unbiased fan can say that it's harder to score on today's defense than on the 80s Pistons or 90s Knicks.

You're also a fool for thinking Kobe has mastered EVERYTHIHNG Jordan had AND Kobe has better range. If you put it like that, you're basically saying Kobe is straight out BETTER THAN JORDAN. Considering Kobe mastered every part of Jordan's game plus Kobe has better range. That's just a dumb ass comment, again, no unbiased fan can say Kobe has "mastered" all of Jordan's skills and strengths.

Finally, the fact that Jordan at 40 could still put up damn good numbers, the numbers Jordan put up at age 39 and 40 were low by his standards, but they would be considered "career best numbers" for all but about 10 players in the league right now. FORTY YEARS OLD. For him to do that at 40, you'd have to be f*cking ignorant, stupid AND retarded to think a 25 year old Jordan couldn't dominate today's league when he could put up 23, 5, 5 at age FORTY.
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