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Default Re: Chuck's 2009 Mock Draft

I'd just like to add that Jennings is a true PG. He is flashy, but don't look at his assist numbers from over in Europe as they count them differently from over here.

At first it was one of my least favorite picks, but now that I think about it, I really like Teague with the Bucks. He is a scoring point, but that team needs more scorers. They have a lot of decent scorers, but no big time scorers after Redd.

There aren't really any crazy picks in my opinion, except Calathes, who I like, but will probably go 2nd round. I'm not high on Hill, but he will probably go top 5 or 6, so 3 isn't a reach. This draft just really doesn't get me excited about too many players. I think teams are going to find a lot of decent reserves and specialty players, but very few 10 year starters/All Stars. Although, I think that is okay because the talent in the NBA has really been great the last 5 or so years with Kobe, LeBron, and Wade down to Roy, Bosh, and Al Jefferson. At some point teams need to stop getting studs and start building a team with guys that just have a role on the team.

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