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Man, that Carolina game was ugly, they're playing with zero pride right's ugly, our defense has zero emotion and it's time to bench Chris Gamble...outside of having like 15 INTs, he gets burned too often, Marshall is a nicer corner then him already. Dallas sucks, I don't care if they won 35-14...3 of those TDS were off Carolina's turnovers...bottom line, that was one of the most ugliest football games I've seen from Carolina and the sad thing is...they were in the lead for majority of the game, so don't give Dallas that much credit.

1. Carolina need to fire their offensive coordinator...I'm real tired of watching this talented group of players run these predicable routine plays. They only use Smith &'s retarded, use Going sometimes....use Shelton...use Colbert...I'm starting to question this coaching staff. They're playing it way too safe and it's costing us games.

2. Draft a LB, this is the worse LB core in the league without Morgan...he's the Peppers/Jenkins for this defense...we only have one good LB and that's our 2nd year player in Thomas Davis...but he still makes rookie mistakes. Our DL opens so many holes for the LBs but they can tackle for sh*t...if you don't have good LBs in this league, it kinda ruins everything else...LB's are the most important thing in football. All our coverage problems are coming because our LBs can cover anyone...they get burned consistantly, and they can't blitz at all. We should have signed Mark Fields.

3. PLEASE give DeAngelo Williams the starting role, trade or waive Foster...he's crap...he has no speed or vision, and he fumbles the ball so me everytime he runs the ball it's like a waste of a down...he's too slow and too stupid, unless there is a huge gap, he'll get 2-3 yards...he doesn't create nothing, that's why we have so much trouble with 3rd down conversation.

4. Bench Gamble, or atleast split his playing time with Marhshall's...he's a stud, Gamble takes too much chances out there...he might INT the ball alot but he gets burned more then anything.

Bottom line, this team will be fine...they need to go 6-2 after the bye long as they start PLAYING like I know they're capable off, so far it's been a rollercoaster ride.
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