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Originally Posted by joewait
Ok, let me explain my point as clearly as possible, since a bunch of people here aren't too intelligent. Never once did I say Dirk or Kobe is a greater player than Bird or Jordan, considering the latter dominated their eras. My point is that when Jordan came in the league, everything he did was new. Barely anyone else could do what he does. Well Kobe has mastered everything Jordan did, AND he has better range.

Your argument falls apart at the bolded premise. It's demonstrably false imo; at the very least, it's not demonstrably true, and so you should know better than to make such a claim.

Originally Posted by joewait
Dumars was 6'3'. thats the same height as Billups. Good job

Vince Carter circa 2002, Slam magazine: "Joe Dumars is the toughest defender I've ever faced."

Originally Posted by kblaze
Jordan in 02 got hurt around the all star break and because he didnt want to quit on the team played through much of it and only put up 16ppg and played just 28 minutes after the break. But before it....

25/6/5.3 and he was getting better. Working into shape. he month just before he got hurt he averaged a rounded off 27/7/5.

Jordan actually averaged 26.2/6.3/5.2 before the all-star break. At nearly age 39. Believe me, I did the math. Awesome post, btw.

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