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Default Re: My Long Twist on a Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Mr_Basketball#1
Wow you have Josh Heytvelt going in the first round! Posterize doesn't even seem to think he'll get drafted.

BTW, Patrick Patterson pulled out of the draft and where is Nick Calathes? I swear if he goes in the second round in the real draft, I'm going to go nuts.

I was going to wait to do this in part because guys still may come or go. And some it will change more this year than ever based on what the final order turns out to be.
Heytvelt is definitely a reach, but like I said, there's so much parity among so many of the prospects that I think you'll see more reaching for fit than in most years.

I like Calathes a lot myself, but there are a ton of PGs, and that will move him down.

Normally, I figure a block of certain players will go between say 6 and 13, but in what order, I don't know. And of those guys, one will probably fall because of a reach by some team in those spots, and he'll then go in the next three or four picks. But this year, those tiers of seperation are incredibly unclear. Moreso than I can ever remember.
I think that will lead to a few things. One is more reaching for fit than usual. As is the case with Heytvelt. And secondly, in large part because of the first, guys plummetting down the board. In the case of Calathes, there are only so many teams that need a PG, and if enough teams that don't need one aren't so overwhelmed by the talent of say a Lawson or Holiday that they feel they have to take him where they are (that's the balance of prospect effect), and they take a guy who's a better fit for them (like a face up big who may not be as highly graded, but is close enough), then the next PG needy team will find someone falling to them who they normally wouldn't expect. Which will drive a guy who may be among my top thirty prospects, but say seventh at his position, way down the board.

This isn't a great draft, because the top end just isn't there, but I feel like it's really deep with contributing roster player types. Moreso than usual.
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