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Default Re: My Long Twist on a Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Grinder
Good work, lots of effort put into it. My first gripe is the Pistons drafting Blair, why would they draft him when they already have Maxiell?

Thanks, and if you made it to the Pistons without a gripe, I'm alright with that.
My rational for the Pistons chasing Blair has something to do with the success Dumars had with Maxiel. I don't think he'll be afraid of the height issues, and Dumars seems to like major program players.
Also, I was under the impression Maxiel came off the books next year. Along with Rasheed, McDyess, and Walter Herman, leaving them painfully thin up front, so I figured they'd try like hell to go big, and Blair is the best available big at that point.
With Rip, Prince, Stuckey, Bynum, and even Afflalo, it didn't seem to make much sense to after another wing guy with all the other holes in place. Although I could see Rip and his expirer put on the block.
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